Gardening and planting services in Chertsey, Surrey.

Gardening services in Chertsey

For the past 15 years we have been supplying garden maintenance services, as well as our planting services in South West London. We are now able to provide the same knowledgeable, professional services to Chertsey.

Jess Parker, founder, head gardener and planting designer at Order A Border is a highly qualified horticulturalist, and can use her knowledge and skills to make the best of your garden.
A healthy plant obsession led Jess to gardening qualifications. The RHS Certificate at level 2, a diploma in Garden Design and Planting from Capel Manor College and she is just starting the third year of the RHS Master of Horticulture, which is the highest qualification at the RHS. 

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hot colour border in Chertsey

A sunny, border in hot colours

Planting services in Chertsey

It can make a huge difference to your garden if, as well as regular garden maintenance, you really take care of your Chertsey garden by improving the planting. Most gardens have a problem area. It could be that it's shady or it looks great in the summer but boring in the winter.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience we can assess your garden and make the changes you need to the design of your garden, to make it really work for you. 

shade loving plants
Some of our favourite shade loving plants

Many of our clients have moved house and found that they have a whole new garden full of unfamiliar plants. Sometimes it might just need some professional garden maintenance or a consultation to find out what you've got and what you should do with it. 

Garden and planting design

Planting is our passion at Order A Border. if you've had new landscaping done, your existing planting isn't looking as good as it should or you just fancy a change of style, we can help you achieve a beautiful garden.

Shady borders

Most gardens have at least a little bit of shade. It's usually these areas that cause people the most problems. Shady borders are all about choosing the right plants. You can't force a sun-loving plant to live in the shade, it just won't thrive. With our expertise, we can choose the right plants, that will love being in the shady area. We've planted lots of these over the years and they often become the client's favourite area in the garden. 

A shady border

A newly planted shady border

Plant supply

As part of our garden service, we also select and supply the plants. We have access to fantastic nurseries where we can choose the best plants and supply them straight to your garden. There is a much wider range of plants in the professional nurseries than in a garden centre, and we can also supply large numbers of plants if needed.

Garden Maintenance

We love to keep in touch with our clients and their new plants with regular maintenance. A gardener with expertise will really make the most of your new plants. We can also provide a maintenance schedule and advice if you would prefer to look after your garden yourself. 

We can manage your existing plants and shrubs with professional pruning too. Pruning at the right time and in the right way means that your plants will perform at their best.

Wildlife friendly

Looking after the environment is something we can all play a part in. We can advise on wildlife friendly plants and how you can encourage wildlife into your garden. 

Wildlife gardening in Chertsey

Attracting butterflies and bees to the garden

Our Team

At the moment, we are an all female team. We are friendly and professional and love what we do. Our goal is always to make your garden the best it can be, and nothing makes us happier than seeing our gardens thrive. Do get in touch if you'd like an informal chat about your garden, we'd love to hear from you

Other areas we cover are: Walton-on Thames, Weybridge, Staines, Laleham, Egham, Thorpe, Sunbury, Twickenham, Teddington and surrounding areas.