Happy Gardens

Our Happy Gardens website is being reconstructed at the moment so this is just a snapshot of what we do.

Happy Gardens has been maintaining and planting gardens in the Twickenham area for over 15 years.

We are a female led team with a huge amount of horticultural knowledge and experience

We don't just mow the lawn and blow the leaves. We make the best of the plants you have by understanding when (and when not!) to prune them. We specialise in knowing which plants should go where, in order for them to thrive rather than just survive.

Good planting is the key to any successful garden, and if your plants are happy, they will look great and need much less attention from you!

We are big fans of wildlife at Happy Gardens. We love planting schemes that not only look beautiful, but will attract birds, bees and butterflies too. 

Contact us to make an appointment for us to visit your garden for a chat about how you would like your garden to be.